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If you can believe it, you can do it!

Kennylands Gymnastics recreation classes form the largest part of our club.  With nearly 700 recreation members and a considerable waiting list in place our team are continually striving for new and innovative ways for our members to gain the most out of their classes. 

With the emphasis on individual development, we are able to ensure the sessions remain engaging and fun allowing our gymnasts the opportunity to develop their core strength and stamina, with no time to get bored!


With a new sport specific badge system recently unveiled, we hope to be able to continue to inspire our members to reach for the stars! 

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Rising 5's - Year 11

Gymnastics classes for children who are of school age. Classes are designed to teach the children the fundamental gymnastics skills so that they have a solid foundation to build upon. The sessions are designed to ensure that fun is at the heart of the children's learning experience. 

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Ages 7 years +

For those with some gymnastics experience who are ready for their next challenge! These classes are designed to encourage the gymnasts to learn new skills at a higher level. With fun always at the centre of our teachings, each class is set up differently to allow the children as many different opportunities for learning as possible.

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Ages 7 years +

Suitable for boys and girls aged 7 years and over from complete beginners to those with extensive experience, these classes are designed to encourage the gymnasts to learn at their own level, allowing for individual ability to dictate the pace of which skills are learnt.

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