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Kennylands Gymnastics uniform is not compulsory except for squad members.  However, we do have some rules regarding uniform as below:


  • All gymnasts should wear comfortable, appropriate and non-restrictive clothing with no zips, buttons or buckles.  Leotards and t-shirt and leggings/joggers/shorts are all acceptable clothing for gymnastics.  Two-piece costumes with bare midriffs are not allowed


  • Gymnasts work in bare feet so socks should be removed prior to entering the gym 

  • All jewellery must be removed, including earrings.  New piercings should be covered by tape, before your class, until they are able to be removed 

  • Long hair must be tied up neatly prior to arriving for your class


Club TShirt.jpg


100% cotton t-shirts with "GYMNAST" printed on the rear.  Available in the following sizes:

3-4 years

5-6 years

7-8 years

9-11 years

12-13 years

14+ years

*** NEW ***

Freestyle t-shirts & Preschool t-shirts available


Ages 3-13 years


Ages 14+

Club Leotard New.jpg


Our club leotard is kept in stock and is suitable for gymnast's aged 3 years and upwards.  Leotards come complete with a matching hair scrunchie

Sizes available:

6-8  years

8-10 years

10-12 years

30", 32", 34"

£34 - £40

Hoody New.jpg


Available in stock in the following sizes:

3-4 years

5-6 years

7-8 years

9-11 years

12-13 years


Onesie New.jpg


Available from ages 3-4 years and upwards


Club Tracksuit.jpg


*** New ***

Kennylands Club Tracksuit

Suitable for training with KENNYLANDS printed on the rear

5-6 years

7-8 years

9-10 years

11-12 years


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