Our Advanced Recreation Squad takes existing members aged 7 - 16 years old and caters for both boys and girls.  

The squad train just once a week and participate in Floor & Vault competitions.  All members train on all four apparatus each week and are well supported by our dedicated coaching team.

We select these members directly from our existing programmes and don't offer outside trials.  This enables us to provide our existing members with the opportunity to participate in competitive sport where they have been able to demonstrate their flair for gymnastics.

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Rising 5's - 7 years

Our Boys Squad members are aged from Rising 5's to 7 years old and are selected from our existing programmes where they have demonstrated their flair for the sport.

Training times are Fridays from 4-6 pm term time only

The Boys Squad train together with our WA Mini Squad and the focus is on body preparation, flexibility and spacial awareness in preparation for the transition to our Advanced Recreation Squad at the age of 7.

Selection only

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Ages 7 - 16 years

Our Advanced Recreation Squad caters for both boys and girls aged from 7 - 16 years and are selected from our recreation programme. 

Training times are Wednesdays 6-8 pm term time only

Members are expected to compete in Floor & Vault competitions and train on all four apparatus during their training sessions.

Selection only