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"Without training, you will not grow wings"
    David Belle

Kennylands Gymnastics freestyle classes have been running for nearly 6 years.  We work hard on our athletes developing their core strength, agility and speed skills using our expertise with gymnastics training principles. 

With our structure of Stages 1 - 3 we strive to consolidate the basic techniques with the creativity and acrobatics that this exciting discipline provides.

With a new sport specific badge system recently unveiled, we hope to be able to continue to inspire our members to reach for the stars! 

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Girl Child Practicing Parkour Gymnastics


Ages 7 years +

Freestyle Gymnastics classes for children who are either just beginning or who have already acquired some basic gymnastics skills.  Classes are designed to teach the children the fundamental skills of Parkour/Freestyle Gymnastics so that they have a solid foundation to build upon. The sessions are designed to ensure that fun is at the heart of the children's learning experience. 



Ages 8 - 12 years

Our Stage 2 programme builds upon the basic core skills of this exciting discipline.  Whether you are just beginning or already have some experience, these classes are designed to encourage the gymnasts to learn new skills at a higher level. With fun always at the centre of our teachings, each class is set up differently to allow the children as many different opportunities for learning as possible.

Free kick the moon.JPG


Ages 10 years +

Our Stage 3 programme is for our older members who wish to learn the more advanced skills of Parkour/Freestyle Gymnastics.

With a focus on the acrobatic and creative movement side of the discipline, you are sure to have an exhilarating time! 

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